Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fishing Tips

In was a bit frustrated when I went fishing over the summer and had no luck at all fishing.  As in not a single bite.  So I did a ton of research and tried to figure out what I did wrong.  Below is most of what I found.

10 Things every tackle box needs and Let's outfit a tacklebox
Weights, lures, hooks, pliers, etc.

Spinning reels vs baitcast reels
Baitcast gives a little more control and is necessary for very heavy-duty applications, spin cast works better for very light lures.
Tip for clearing backlash

How often to replace line
1-2 times per year depending on use.

Hook buyer guide

Types of fish
Tips for catching bass

Fishing line for bass
Choosing the right lures
Topwater tips

Location, presentation, behavior
Spring crappie tips
John on crappie fishing

Soft plastics for bream
Poppers for bream

How to make catfish soap
Soap bait demo
How to make a catfish jug

Prepping carp for cooking
Doughball recipies
NPR doughball tips

How to catch weakfish in the bay

How to catch bluefish
Guide to bluefish

Live bait rigs
Bunker head rig

How to tie double fishing line
How to tie a surgeon's knot
Sabiki rig for surf casting
Live bait rigs

Types of lures
A website that sells lures, but also has good explanations about what each design is, what it is useful for, etc.
Quick overview of lure types
Top water lures
Soft plastics with KVD
Topwater lures for saltwater

Jerk bait
How to fish using a jerk bait

Spinner bait
How to work a spinner bait

Spinnerbait with KVD
Spinner bait tactics

Spoons are good for finding fish and fishing quickly.  Best in deep water.
Jigging spoons on YouTube
Basic tips
Jigging spoons in salt water
Jigging spoons tips

Jig and Pig
5 tips

Finesse jig tips
Bass edge jig tips
Jigs with KVD
Jigging for bluefish and stripers with bucktails
Bass professor jig and pork
Bass professor bucktail jig
Jig and pig made simple

Bass professor buzz baits

Plastic worms
Tips for bass
Tips for plastic grubs or worms
4 minute tip video
Carolina vs Texas rigs
Carolina rig made simple
Texas, Caolina, and floating rigs

Swim bait
Basic promotional video tips

Plastic frogs

Rattletrap tips

Casting Technique
Skip cast
Easy cast for surf casting
Texas long distance surf casting
Off the beach surf cast

Retrieval technique
Basics to lure retreives
Walk the dog

3 golden rules
Georgia Kayak Fishing

Bay fishing tips

Met Atlanta
What fish live in streams in metropolitain Atlanta

Bass professor - environment

Bass profesor - Big bass feed midday
Bass professor - night fishing
Bass professor - Shallow water for big bass
Bass professor - fishing a new lake
Coldwater lures

Color selection
Bass professor tips

This will be updated and cleaned up later.